Earshot Communications Again Awarded 3M Peltor Platinum Dealer Award 2015

Platinum Dealer Logo Earshot Communications are again proud to announce that for the second year running has been awarded the 3M Peltor Platinum Dealer award for sales in 2014 with company growth for the year being over 95% compared to the previous year, the award is given to communication dealers who show outstanding sales, service and backup to all customers.

The award is to reward dealers who continue to support the values of the 3M brand.

Earshot Communications being the UK's leading communication specialist are not only able to provide customers with all the 3M Peltor's range of passive and active Communication systems but are also able to provide bespoke systems based around the 3M Peltor product range.

Earshot Communications will continue to promote and grow the business relationship with 3M Peltor and look forward to working closely on existing and new projects in 2015, we look forward to continue growth and expansion of the 3M Peltor range.

Managing Director John Kelly said "Again after another tremendous year for the company with 3M Peltor products the company managed in 2014 to nearly double their turnover with the 3M Peltor brand, working hard to promote Peltor's product lines of Ground Crew Headsets, Aviation Headsets, Adaptors, Eardefenders, Active Headsets, Passive Headset, Tactical Eardefenders and Active Eardefenders in 2014 we look forward to another busy 2015 with the company now new to 2015 able to offer 3M Peltor Respirator products we look forward to another successful 2015 and beyond and thank everyone at 3M Peltor for there continue support".