Earshot Communications Releases Heavy Duty Airport Training Splitter Box

Earshot Communications is proud to announce the release of their in house heavy duty airport training splitter box for aviation training.

Earshot Communications have for years had there very popular training box available to the aviation market but has after research released a heavy duty version due to customer demand, building on from the base unit the new heavy duty unit has a aluminium case and a snap hook allowing the unit to be clipped to the aircraft is the same way that the popular ESMP-1 and ESMP-1-HI-Viz ground crew extension lead already allow, this means the unit can support itself allowing the users to not need to use the clips on their own ground crew extension leads which gives a slightly increased work length.

These units are further enhanced by having the Hi-Viz cable allowing easy identification in all weather and in dark conditions allowing the user to identify the unit is still attached to the aircraft.

These units have been extensively tested in aviation airport use before release and Earshot Communications are confident this will be a popular addition to there already extensive in house applications.