Social Distancing While at Work Communications from 3M Peltor

Now is the time to start to plan your return to work and how you are going to maintain social distancing for you or your employees during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Do you need to maintain social distancing at work but need to be able to communicate with another person or persons, this could be outdoors while working in construction or at an airport to indoors in a manufacturing facility or just your office space

Earshot Communication Ltd can help you with these requirements, we have a range of headsets from 3M Peltor and the 3M Peltor Litecom range which offer communications between two or more units and can be setup to suit your environment requirements, these units are offered in Headband, Neckband and Helmet Mounted versions and come with a range of extras from a standard unit to Active Microphones and Bluetooth as well as the new Digital 3M Peltor Litecom range of headsets.

Earshot Communications Ltd are also a 3M Peltor approved Litecom Programming center where we can programming the units to your requirements to suit your application on the new 3M Peltor Litecom range as well as the older analogue versions of the 3M Peltor Litecom units, contact us with your requirements and were always pleased to advise and assist you further.

You can also find the range of 3M Peltor Litecom units on our website where your find 3M Peltor product videos on the Litecom range, product brochures and technical information.

Website link: Click here for 3M Peltor Litecom Range

3M Release Guidance for Coronavirus

3M have today released an area of their website designed to offer advise and 3M's response to the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic.

The web links provide valuable information on how 3M and 3M products are supporting the COVID-19 pandemic.

Please note that 3M is not selling its Personal Protective Equipment directly to end-users.

Sources of supply are 3M authorized retailers like Earshot Communications Ltd.

Please be advised that our stock is limited due to 3M prioritising the NHS and other medical supply chains, please call us for the latest details.

I am sure we all support the efforts 3M are doing to assist our front line workers in this time of need.

You can visit the 3M web page with links to many useful articles and products on the below link,