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Please note:
We are unable to offer a repair service for gaming headsets.

Many try to copy the repair service offered by Earshot Communications Ltd but fail, some make promises on their repair service and fail, some make promises on their prices and fail, this is why we are trusted by all the leading Aviation Airlines, Aviation Ground Handlines, Emergency Service Providers, North Sea Operations, Transport Services, Motorsport, Industrial Applications, Water, Gas and Electricity suppliers and many more to be their trusted repair and service center, can you afford to not do the same, unmatched prices, unmatched turnaround times, unmatched product knowledge, qualified engineers with unmatched customer service, we know the products inside out, let us be the company you trust.

Please be advised:

Despite what other companies may claim that they offer an in house repair service, many do not, they will happily take your repair and then ship them out to a third party for them repair marking up the costs meaning your repair has cost you more and took longer for your repair to get back to you, as our we offer a fully trained in house workshop we quote the same day the unit arrives or next working day if the delivery is late in the afternoon offering you the quickest answer for your repair costs allowing you to get your repair back quickly.

Our turnaround times for repairs are industry leading and others try to follow and claim they can but always fail to deliver, we only use manufactures original parts with you repair to guarantee the quality of the repair is as good as the day you brought the item.

This is why we are the chosen repair service for the Aviation Industry, Emergency Services, Rail Service and Maintance, Formula One, Moto GP, Motorsport, Leading Food and Drinks Manufactures, Industrial Applications, Power Stations, North Sea Operations and so much more.

All repairs come with full guarantee and maintain your warranty on your unit as we only use manufactures approved parts.

We offer same day quote service free of charge, we do not charge you to quote for the repair of your unit, this allows you to make a decision quickly on your repair, if you do not want the unit repaired the only costs to you are return shipping.

With over 35 years’ experience in aviation, industrial and personal headset and eardefender repairs and repairs to aviation communication equipment, Earshot Communications specialises in the repair, service and custom build of a variety of aviation and non-aviation industry products.

Whereas many of our competitors will choose to subcontract out aviation headset repairs and other equipment repairs and servicing to people like ourselves then mark up the repair price you pay to make their own profit without doing any work, coming directly to us using our highly qualified workshop technicians with over 35 years in electrical and mechanical repairs who will carry out the work at our own in-house repair workshop, these technicians are fully trained to carry out repairs on manufactures equipment from leading manufactures products by 3M Peltor. Sordin, MSA, A-Kabel and many other leading manufactures offering you a quicker turnaround from trusted and approved engineers, all our repairs will still carry the manufactures warranty in full (If applicable) and our workshop is fully approved using only manufactures original parts and will be released fully certified by Earshot Communications Ltd.

Be advised many companies offer a repair service but all the do is send the repairs out to a third party to carry out the repairs as they do not have the capabilities in house despite acting like they do, then they charge you extra for this service as your paying there markup costs, by coming direct to us you are not paying a middle company markup prices and saving you money.

Our approved technicians can also offer custom built and bespoke items like adaptors, converters and more.

Repairs are tested using computer controlled test equipment allowing testing to the highest industry standards to:

• Headsets and Eardefenders
• Extension leads and Adaptors
• Custom Lead Manufacturing and Testing
• Splitter boxes
• Test Systems
• Hand Held and Base Radios

Our repair service covers a wide range of leading manufacturers, if your make is not listed below please contact us for your requirements, including:

• 3M
• 3M Peltor
• Sennheiser (Non Warranty)
• A-Kabel
• MSA Sordin
• Sordin
• Swatcom

• Motorola
• Telex
• Peli
• MSA Gallet
• Cromwell
• Arbarr

• Kenwood
• Icom
• Racal
• Pilot
• Earshot Communications

Our trained technicians are experienced in working with products from a range of manufacturers, so please give us a call if your manufacturer is not listed above. We do also handle repairs for Starcom and Autocom products but these are for repairs outside the manufactures warranty period.

Our repair and build service offers:

Free no obligation repair estimate (Many others charge for this service)
In-house workshop repairs within 3-4 working days (subject to availability of parts) (Many others charge extra for a quicker repair service)
• Genuine parts from the original manufacturer (at a discounted cost) are used for every repair so the original manufacturers warranty remains valid where applicable.
• Fully guaranteed repair Work.
• Industry Approved Electronics Technicians (Not self taught like others)
• All repairs carried out to ISO 9001:2015 standards to ensure quality
• Collection and delivery service available

Our experienced repair team uses computer controlled equipment to ensure that each repair is carried out to the same high standard, giving our customers the best possible service for each and every repair.

Our very own in-house workshop and on site custom build service enables us to offer our customers a quick turnaround at no extra cost.

Get your free estimate for aviation headset repairs and Aviation Communication Equipment or put in a request for a custom built product today.

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