Starcom provide an impressive range of motorcycle communications systems which offer options for comfort and the type of technology desired, but also the clarity required for supreme bike-to-bike connection.

GPS and Smartphone technology

The Starcom Advanced Motorbike Intercom can be used with GPS, a smartphone or a music source to provide bike-to-bike contact between the rider and the pillion passenger. Using hands-free, wireless technology and bike-powered energy sourcing the two riders can communicate and search music options while riding. The Starcom Digital Motorbike Intercom is perhaps the market leader in terms of bike-to-bike communications systems. Using the same technology options as the Advanced model, Starcom offer better volume adjustment, more digital features and also enable the rider and pillion passenger independence in their listening options.


Bluetooth technology offers better security options for motorbike users as it allows smartphones and GPS equipment to be stored safely away, once a Bluetooth connection has been established. The Starcom BTM-02 Bluetooth Module just needs a GPS or Smartphone to make an initial connection, but after that wireless technology takes over. As soon as the bike is started the Bluetooth connection is automatically restored to the devices.

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