3M Peltor

3M Peltor

The 3M Peltor range showcases the ultimate in aviation communications and safety equipment and accessories, with headsets, handsets and ear defenders to suit all environments and communication needs.

3M are one of our most trusted and established manufacturers and the 3M Peltor range covers every possible scenario in terms of comfort, technical requirement and effectiveness in all conditions.


The combination of individual headsets, such as the 3M Peltor Alert Radio Headset M2RX7A-01 combines radio communication technology with basic comfort, while the M2RX7P3E2-01 model provides the same level of technology but is combined with a hardhat helmet for construction sites and other hazardous environments. Other headsets in the 3M Peltor range offer a lightweight option, increased comfort, Bluetooth technology and improved microphones for harsher environments.

Ear defenders

Some of the 3M Peltor ear defenders are simply safety products, such as the 3M Peltor Optime 1 Ear Defender H510A-47-GB, whereas others offer a listen-only facility for ground communications, such as the 3m Peltor Listen Only Headset HTB79A, while still protecting the ears from noise.

Size, colour and style options are plentiful, while accessories available include battery packs, replacement microphones and hygiene packs offering replacement ear protection foam.

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