Industry Leading Repair and Service Center For Headsets – Cables – Radios – Communication Equipment and More.

Your One Place Total Repair and Service Centre.

Unlike others all Our repairs are carried out in house by our fully approved and trained technicians, 

We do not take your repairs and ship them to a third party and charge you extra for this service, unlike others our service is industry leading and others try to follow and claim but fail.

This is why we are the chosen repair service for the Aviation Industry, Emergency Services, Rail Service and Maintance, Formula One, Moto GP, Motorsport, Leading Food and Drinks Manufactures, Industrial Applications, Power Stations, North Sea Operations and so much more.

Earshot Communications has been repairing headsets, leads, adaptors and radios for over 25 years for leading manufactures 3M Peltor, Sordin, Swatcom, Sennheiser, A-Kabel, Bose, Clement Clark, Racal, Pilot, David Clark, Telex, Peli, MSA Gallet, Cromwell, Arbarr, Autocom, Starcom, Motorola. Kenwood, Icom to name a few.

We pride ourselves in offering the best repair service your find anywhere today with our engineers being fully trained and certified, we carry out more repairs to 3M Peltor headsets and adaptors then any other repair facility, we only use original manufactures parts at discounted prices, this allows your Peltor unit to be returned fully repaired and keeping the original manufactures warranty.

Please Note: We are unable to offer a repair service for gaming headsets.

Some key advantages of using Earshot Communications in house workshop:
Free estimates for your repairs, meaning you know exactly what your pay before the item is repaired, many others charge for this service.
All repairs carried out in 3-4 working days (Subject to parts availability)
Repaired units retain manufactures original guarantee.
All parts used are manufactures original parts at discounted rates.
All work is guaranteed.
All engineers are fully trained and approved by all the manufactures to carry our repairs and custom build work.
All repairs carried out to ISO9001:2015 standards ensuring quality

All Earshot Communications repairs are done on computer controlled equipment, meaning every repair is done to the same high level and high standard, so You Get The Best Service You Can Pay For and the lowest possible prices, all repairs are carried out using manufacture’s supplied original parts allowing you unit to retain the units warranty and keep the units product certification.

We are also pleased to offer our unique in house custom build service allowing you to have your unit custom made to suit your application, this service is unique to Earshot Communications Ltd.

Free Estimates: We also offer a Free Estimate service meaning it costs you nothing to have your equipment reviewed for repair, we will supply a full repair cost quote to you with no hidden costs.

Please Note: Not all repair facilities are the same, we offer repairs by fully qualified technicians who are approved and trained by companies 3M Peltor, Sennheiser, Pilot, Lemo and have electronics qualifications, others claim to have this level of experience but trust us they do not, no other company offers this level of experience or qualifications, having Engineers who have been carrying out repairs to 3M Peltor, Sennheiser, Sordin, David Clark, Pilot, Clement Clark, Motorola, Kenwood, Icom and many others for over 25 years, so why would you want to trust anyone else.

Earshot Communications will repair your unit in 3 to 4 working days, no other company can offer such a quick turnaround, this can mean you can get that important repair done before you realised it’s gone. (subject to parts availability). We can offer you a repair price that is second to none, please contact us for that unbelievable repair quote, and don’t be fooled by our price we do not rush or miss things due to our low prices and we always use original manufactures parts to carry out all repairs.

We are pleased to offer repairs or service for every leading manufacturer and can repair or service all communication equipment be it Headsets, Handmics, Helmets, Radios, Microphones, Amplifiers, Extension Leads, Adapters and any other piece of communication equipment.The Company can also custom build Headsets, Extension Leads, Converters, Splitter Boxes and Adapters to suit customer’s needs. We can offer to collect your repair and deliver back to you, taking away the fuss and trouble, just call or fax to arrange this service.

All repairs are to original manufacturer’s specifications using original manufacturer’s parts.

The Company can also custom build Headsets, Extension Leads, Converters, Splitter Boxes and Adapters to suit customer’s needs.

We can offer to collect your repair and deliver back to you, taking away the fuss and trouble, just call or fax to arrange this service.

We are pleased to discuss repair contracts with any organization, please contact the office to discuss this service in detail.

We repair or service all units to ISO9001:2000.

Why look anywhere else, we are the quickest and offer the best costs to everyone, your be surprised how much more affordable we are compared to others for a level of service others can only wish they had, call today for this great service.

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