Sordin Supreme Pro Shooting Headsets Range of Tactical Eardefenders

As we move into 2020 now is the time to start to think about buying or upgrading your tactical active headset and the Sordin Supreme range maybe catching your eye.

Earshot Communications carries a large stock of the Sordin Supreme tactical active eardefenders in a range of colours from Green, Black, Sand and the Blaze orange colour.

The Sordin Supreme range starts form from the basic Sordin Supreme IV 75301 unit with Green or Black Earshells, Cloth Headband and Foam Earpads with upto 150 hours of battery life. (Gel Earpads can be added at an extra cost)

Next step up is the Sordin Supreme IV 75302 which comes in Green or Black Earshells, Cloth or Leather Headband and Foam Earpads but with upto 300 hours battery life

The Sordin Supreme IV 75302-G adds Gel Earpads to the above.

Then the next step up is the Sordin Supreme Pro X range, this adds to the already high specification of the Sordin Supreme IV by adding a 5 year warranty against water damage to the electronics due to the amplifier boards being coated with waterproof protection.

The Sordin Supreme Pro X range comes in a range of colour Green, Black, Sand and the Blaze Orange as well as a choice of Cloth or Leather Headband and a choice of Foam or Gel Earpads.

The Gel earpads offer a higher level of comfort over the Foam earpads and if you happen to use the eardefenders for long periods or wear any form of glasses the Gel earpads will increase your comfort levels.

Visit our shop for great prices on all the Sordin Supreme Shooting and Hunting Tactical Active Ear defenders.

NEW: 3M Peltor WS Protac XPI Now Available to Order

The new 3M Peltor WS Protac XPI and the new 3M Peltor WS Protac XPI FLX-2 are now available to order in the Earshot Communications shop.

3M Peltor have launched there replacement for the 3M Peltor Protac with the new 3M Peltor Protac WS XPI Headset, these units come in two version with the slightly cheaper Protac WS XPI MT15H7AWS6 having all the features of the Protac WS XPI MT15H7AWS6-111 but without the new FLX2 socket in the headset base.

The 3M Peltor WS Protac XPI FLX2 Headset has the added benefit of having the FLX2 socket i the earshell base allowing the user to add one of the new 3M Peltor FLX2 cable assemblies to further increase the capabilities of this new unit.

The new 3M Peltor WS Protac only comes at present in the Hi-Viz green colour which allows the wearer to be seen and further adds to the PPE being worn at the time.

The 3M PELTOR WS ProTac XPI is a level dependent Bluetooth® headset and equipped with level dependent function for ambient listening to help improve your situational awareness.

The Bluetooth connectivity allows for seamless connection to Bluetooth enabled devices.

With the 3M Peltor WS Protac being bright yellow in colour for enhanced visibility in severe conditions.

All the headsets are IP68 classified noise cancelling microphone.

Now available to order.

3M Peltor Protac XPI Brochure

3M Peltor WS Protac XPI Brochure

Its Black Friday Deal Time at Earshot Communications Ltd on the Swatcom Active 8 Carbon Fibre

Its Black Friday deal time at Earshot Communications and we have a very limited stock of the Swatcom Active 8 in Carbon Fibre effect for a Black Friday deal price only of 195.00 pounds each plus vat, RRP 265.00 pounds each plus vat Stock is very very limited so once they are gone they are gone so do not miss out, order before 4pm for next day delivery Monday to Friday,



New Now Available New 3M Peltor CH-3 FLX2 Range of Headsets and Cable Assemblies

Earshot Communications are pleased to announce the arrival of the new 3M Peltor CH-3 FLX2 headset range, these new headsets come in the usual headband, neckband and helmet attached versions but also come in three types, listen only, communications headset and communication headset with press to talk switch.

What sets these new units apart from any previous units is the new facility where you buy the headset that suits your application and then you buy the downlead cable as a separate item to suit the equipment you want to use, this can be Aviation, Broadcast, Music, Mobile Phone, Tablet, Home HI-Fi, Motorola, Icom, Kenwood, Hytera and Sepura Radios or in fact any application that requires hearing protection.

Another great feature of the new units is instead of having to buy another unit for each application all you need to buy is another cable assembly, you can have one headset but lots of different cables assemblies, this will save on costs and the need to have space for a multiple headset requirement.

These new headsets can be found on our website search CH-3 or FLX2 or you can contact us directly and we will assist you with your requirements for your application. 

Swatcom Active8 Features

The new SWATCOM Active8 headset was launched earlier this year, a newly developed tactical headset aimed at the discerning user who wants a professional military grade active headset. The headset is designed for use by the Police and the Military but also for professional sports shooters.

The SWATCOM Active 8 headset has two versions the standard overhead version or the neckband version that can also be used under a helmet or headwear. Each version comes in four different colours of black, sand, combat green and camouflage (Multicam).

What makes the Swatcom8 different...

The electronics are really what makes the Swatcom Active8 unique and stand out from other headsets with its ASIC microprocessor which enables the sound to be compressed, removing distortion and enhancing speech frequencies. This produces a headset with superb sound quality that is superior to many other military grade headsets and with its superb performance situational awareness can be constantly maintained.

The Swatcom8 Features...

On picking up the SWATCOM Active8 headset quality is immediately apparent, with the stainless steel band being leather covered and retractable both sides for comfortable fitting. Each cup has two active speakers for active listening and they are IP67 rated. The cups have removable gel seals and pads for easy cleaning and also easy replacement.

The auxiliary connection for a 3.5mm lead is at the back of the left hand cup. The mono end of the lead needs to be connected to the headset and the stereo end into your communication device.

The cup right hand cup contains the battery compartment which requires two AA batteries. The battery cap has a lanyard attached to it so that the cap doesn't get lost. The SWATCOM Active8 has a substantial battery life of 600 hrs with a low battery warning. The low battery warning activates with an audible beep with 40 hrs battery life remaining, giving you plenty of warning and time to replace the batteries.

Immediately you switch on the headset via the switch on the cup you will notice the active listening is live and you can then adjust the sound up and down with four preset levels.

What's included ...

The Active8 comes with a full user guide,manual, auxillary lead and batteries and a branded SWATCOM bag.

We would recommend the SWATCOM Active8 to any body who requires a military grade active headset, it is a true quality product designed to give many years of active life.

Buy Now

3M Peltor Launch Pre-Programmed PMR 446 MT73H7A4D10EU-GB WS Litecom DMR Headsets

Now in stock in our shop the brand new MT73H7A4D10EU GB Headset.

3M Peltor have launched the new WS Litecom Pro3 DMR Headset with pre-programmed PMR446 channels.

The 3M™ PELTOR™ WS™ LiteCom Pro III GB Headset is the next generation protective
communication solution. With an integrated, pre-programmed analog/digital two-way radio,
Bluetooth® Multipoint connectivity, noise-cancelling microphone, and level-dependent
function for ambient listening, the WS™ LiteCom Pro III GB Headset not only helps protect you
against hazardous noise, but also makes it easy to communicate in noisy environments and helps
you maintain situational awareness.

The 3M™ PELTOR™ WS™ LiteCom Pro III High Visibility Headset offers wireless communication in
noisy environments. Suitable for work in industrial, construction and ground handling applications,
where hands-free communication and hearing protection are needed.

16 pre-programmed channels (Analog PMR)
16 pre-programmed channels (Digital PMR)

More information on this new range can be found here,

3M PELTOR WS LiteCom Pro III pre-programmed sell sheet

3M PELTOR WS LiteCom Pro III pre-programmed technical data sheet

Earshot Communications Completes ISO9001: 2015 Transition

Earshot Communications are please to announce they have successfully completed the transition from ISO9001:2008 to the new ISO9001:2015 Quality Management System (QMS) standard.

This shows the companies ongoing commitment to achieving high internal standards and working to a industry Quality Management System.

This standard demonstrates that Earshot Communications has the ability to provide consistently products and services to meet customer and regulatory requirements.

Managing Direct John Kelly stated: This is out ongoing commitment to our customers that we work to the highest standards and will work hard to ensure we offer you the best service possible in any market by having the most efficient of process in place to deal with your requirements.

We will also show commitment and the right attitude to improve our efficiency to all out customer and suppliers ongoing.




Earshot Communications Announce the Launch of the 3M Peltor MT67H05WS6-EU Bluetooth Accessory for the X Series Earmuff

Earshot Communications are again today proud to announce another new product launch from 3M Peltor with the release of the new MT67H05WS6-EU X Series range of Eardefender's Bluetooth Adaptor.

This item is now in stock and available to buy in our web shop just search MT67H05WS6-EU to find this new and exciting product.

The Bluetooth adapter quickly and easily converts any of the 3M Peltor X Series of Eardefenders into a fully functional Bluetooth headset allowing use of any Bluetooth device including making mobile phone calls.

The 3M PELTOR Wireless Communication Accessory, combined with the X Series Earmuffs, can help keep you protected while allowing you to communicate in noisy environments.

With Bluetooth® technology, the Wireless Communication Accessory allows you to stay connected to your smart phone throughout your work day and have hands-free conversations. Quickly set up the Bluetooth® connection with the auto pairing and connecting feature.  The single button operation makes taking a phone call easy, even while wearing gloves. With the integrated speaker inside the X series earmuff, and the noise cancelling microphone, the wireless communication accessory has been designed for talking in noisy environments.


Earshot Communications Announce The Launch of the New 3M Peltor MRX21AWS6 and MRX21A2WS6 WS Alert XP Headset

Earshot Communications are today proud to announce another new product launch from 3M Peltor with the release of the new update to the Alert WS XPI unit the new MRX21A2WS6 and MRX21A2WS6-ACK Headsets.

The new update to the old Alert MRX21AWS5 sees the new MRX21A2WS6 or MRX21A2WS6-ACK improve on an already popular headset with the option to connect one device via Bluetooth and still be able to converse in a normal volume even in the noisiest of environments.

The new unit is still level dependent on ambient listening to help assist with your situational awareness limited to 82dB.

The unit still comes in two versions, a Headband version or a Helmet Attached P3E version and comes in two forms, you can get the basic model that require two AA batteries or the ACK version that is supplied with a rechargeable battery pack and a power charger with USB connector also.

The Black units are now in stock on our site please search MRX21A2WS6 to find stock or the rechargeable version which is MRX21A2WS6-ACK.