NEW: 3M Peltor WS Protac XPI Now Available to Order

The new 3M Peltor WS Protac XPI and the new 3M Peltor WS Protac XPI FLX-2 are now available to order in the Earshot Communications shop.

3M Peltor have launched there replacement for the 3M Peltor Protac with the new 3M Peltor Protac WS XPI Headset, these units come in two version with the slightly cheaper Protac WS XPI MT15H7AWS6 having all the features of the Protac WS XPI MT15H7AWS6-111 but without the new FLX2 socket in the headset base.

The 3M Peltor WS Protac XPI FLX2 Headset has the added benefit of having the FLX2 socket i the earshell base allowing the user to add one of the new 3M Peltor FLX2 cable assemblies to further increase the capabilities of this new unit.

The new 3M Peltor WS Protac only comes at present in the Hi-Viz green colour which allows the wearer to be seen and further adds to the PPE being worn at the time.

The 3M PELTOR WS ProTac XPI is a level dependent Bluetooth® headset and equipped with level dependent function for ambient listening to help improve your situational awareness.

The Bluetooth connectivity allows for seamless connection to Bluetooth enabled devices.

With the 3M Peltor WS Protac being bright yellow in colour for enhanced visibility in severe conditions.

All the headsets are IP68 classified noise cancelling microphone.

Now available to order.

3M Peltor Protac XPI Brochure

3M Peltor WS Protac XPI Brochure

Its Black Friday Deal Time at Earshot Communications Ltd on the Swatcom Active 8 Carbon Fibre

Its Black Friday deal time at Earshot Communications and we have a very limited stock of the Swatcom Active 8 in Carbon Fibre effect for a Black Friday deal price only of 195.00 pounds each plus vat, RRP 265.00 pounds each plus vat Stock is very very limited so once they are gone they are gone so do not miss out, order before 4pm for next day delivery Monday to Friday,



New Now Available New 3M Peltor CH-3 FLX2 Range of Headsets and Cable Assemblies

Earshot Communications are pleased to announce the arrival of the new 3M Peltor CH-3 FLX2 headset range, these new headsets come in the usual headband, neckband and helmet attached versions but also come in three types, listen only, communications headset and communication headset with press to talk switch.

What sets these new units apart from any previous units is the new facility where you buy the headset that suits your application and then you buy the downlead cable as a separate item to suit the equipment you want to use, this can be Aviation, Broadcast, Music, Mobile Phone, Tablet, Home HI-Fi, Motorola, Icom, Kenwood, Hytera and Sepura Radios or in fact any application that requires hearing protection.

Another great feature of the new units is instead of having to buy another unit for each application all you need to buy is another cable assembly, you can have one headset but lots of different cables assemblies, this will save on costs and the need to have space for a multiple headset requirement.

These new headsets can be found on our website search CH-3 or FLX2 or you can contact us directly and we will assist you with your requirements for your application. 

Earshot Communications Announce The Launch of the New 3M Peltor MRX21AWS6 and MRX21A2WS6 WS Alert XP Headset

Earshot Communications are today proud to announce another new product launch from 3M Peltor with the release of the new update to the Alert WS XPI unit the new MRX21A2WS6 and MRX21A2WS6-ACK Headsets.

The new update to the old Alert MRX21AWS5 sees the new MRX21A2WS6 or MRX21A2WS6-ACK improve on an already popular headset with the option to connect one device via Bluetooth and still be able to converse in a normal volume even in the noisiest of environments.

The new unit is still level dependent on ambient listening to help assist with your situational awareness limited to 82dB.

The unit still comes in two versions, a Headband version or a Helmet Attached P3E version and comes in two forms, you can get the basic model that require two AA batteries or the ACK version that is supplied with a rechargeable battery pack and a power charger with USB connector also.

The Black units are now in stock on our site please search MRX21A2WS6 to find stock or the rechargeable version which is MRX21A2WS6-ACK.


Earshot Communications Announce the Launch of the New 3M Securefit 600 series safety glasses


Another week and another new launch of the 3M 600 series of safety glasses offering high protection for peoples eyes whilst wearing there glasses.

3M are already the profession choice for protective eye wear and the new 600 series takes this protection to another level combining the best features from the existing models and putting these all into one new safety glass offering the ultimate in comfort, style, clarity and fitment.

With many options from colour, style, lens colour, lens coating and more.

Earshot Communications now have these new models available in there shop and can be found here

Earshot Communications Announce the launch of the New 3M Peltor CH-5 MT73H450AGB Headset

Earshot Communications are today proud to announce another new product launch from 3M Peltor with the release of the new High Attenuation CH-5 headset.

This unit is a breakthrough product high the highest passive noise attenuation of any headset available today with a SNR=37 dB rating and also features impact sound protection and is available as a Flex model or Standard J11 Peltor connection model and available in headband and helmet attachment versions.

This headset come with new features the MT73 boom, this boom assembly is waterproof (IP68 Rated), High Visibility Green colour allowing the wearer to be seen in all weather conditions.

These new units will be a major breakthrough for the Aviation Ground Crew market with high noise attenuation figures allowing the wearer to protect there hearing in one of the noisiest market places and with the waterproof microphone allowing the wearer to work in some of the harshest weather conditions.

These new units are now available to order in our online shop here,

Earshot Communications announce the launch of the new 3M Peltor Litecom 3 Pro MT73H7A4D10 WS6 DNR Headsets

Earshot Communications have pleasure to announce the launch of the much anticipated 3M Peltor Litecom 3 Pro with the new WS6 Bluetooth chip also available as an Atex unit for Hazard Environments.

This new upgrade to the pro range is a major upgrade on the software side of the headset as you now have the ability to be able to pair the Litecom Pro WS6 to two Bluetooth enabled devices called multipoint, two Bluetooth mobile phones, two Bluetooth hand held radios, one Bluetooth phone and one Bluetooth radio or connect to other Bluetooth devices.

These units also are the first in the 3M Peltor range to have the new DMR feature (Digital Mobile Radio Standard), this feature is a major breakthrough as it allows for clear communications over a longer distance with integrated analog and digital two-way UHF radio.

The Litecom Pro 3 range is also the first in the Litecom range to be fitted with the new MT73 boom assembly, this new boom assembly is IP68 rated allowing for the microphone to be used outside in the rain.

Earshot Communications are happy to talk through all requirements with the new 3M Peltor Litecom 3 pro units and have these new units already listed in our online shop for immediate ordering, please feel free to contact us and speak to our 3M Peltor Approved Specialist.

Shop Link to 3M Peltor Litecom 3 products

Please look at the video below for more information,

On Site Personal 3M Peltor E-A-R-Fit Validation Testing from Earshot Communications Launches

Earshot Communications are proud to announce today working alongside 3M Peltor their on site E-A-R Fit validation testing service.

Have complete confidence that your workers are protected from loud noises with the 3M™ E-A-Rfit™ Dual-Ear Validation System for hearing protection Understanding that every employee, job and ear is different, the 3M™ E-A-Rfit™ Dual-Ear Validation System solution has been designed to individually assess the Personal Attenuation Rating (PAR) of each worker to help employers reach compliance and have assurance that the hearing protection equipment (HPE) is doing its job. As HPE is so individual to the user, how they insert it can make a massive difference to the level of protection being offered and it is often the case that workers are not as protected as they believe to be – which potentially exposes them to the risk of noiseinduced hearing loss (NIHL).

The 3M system works by measuring the effectiveness of earplugs and earmuffs from inside the employee’s ear, to help identify which HPE suits them best. Unlike any other solution on the market, it is able to test both ears at the same time to provide accurate, quantitative results. As both ears are simultaneously tested, it also gives the employer more time to educate employees on the importance of fit and compliance.

The newly launched product was highly commended by the British Safety Industry Federation and is
available to you to trial with Earshot communications

Working closely with 3M™ PELTOR allows Earshot Communications to offer products that are
not only respected around the world, featuring a manufacturing process that is second to none in
reliability, design and future proof technology.

This close relationship has allowed Earshot Communications to offer solutions to many market
places and we are pleased to be able to now be able to offer our experience into the Hearing
Validation Marketplace.

We are able to come into your workplace and carry out a full noise survey and also carry out
a E-A-R fir validation on your employees, this will allow you to have full peace of mind that not only are you offering the correct items for the environment being used in but also that the people using them are fitting them correctly ensuring they get maximum benefit from there hearing protection products.

Please contact the office with your requirements to get a quote.

Earshot Communication Hearing Testing

Earshot Communications One Touch

3M Peltor Broadcasting Section Now Added to Site Shop

Today we launched our Broadcasting section to our shop allowing you to choose units from leading manufacture 3M Peltor offering there full range of Broadcast Headphones and Headsets for Radio and Television production.

When you’re in charge of the sound of a program you better make sure it comes across in the best quality possible. 3M Peltor has the professional equipment you can rely on in any broadcast scenario.

If you want your audience to receive perfect sound you first of all have to make sure you’re broadcasting it. That’s why the quality of monitoring headphones has to be beyond doubt. Also, they should keep outside noise out.

Headset microphones best concentrate on the voice and its intelligibility. On top of that, 3M Peltor headphones are distinguished by intelligent features, intuitive operation, a sturdy design, and high wearing comfort.

3M Peltor offers a broad spectrum of headphones and headsets for radio and TV productions, fit for any working environment and application.

BRAND NEW: Autocom Air Bluetooth Motorbike Communication System Now Available

Product Overview

News Autocom Air Bluetooth Motorbike Communication System Sophisticated in its design yet beautifully simply to operate, the new Autocom air headset is sure to impress even the most demanding rider . Unlike other Bluetooth headsets which fix to the side of the helmet, our IN-HELMET design means the look, performance and integrity of your helmet are never compromised. The air retrospectively fits inside any helmet, with nothing visible on the outside.

It’s modular design allows all key components to be user replaceable (microphone, speakers and battery). This in turn gives significantly extended product life and fantastic value for money.

Thanks to Autocom audio© superior noise cancelling, the air offers incredible sound output so you enjoy crystal clear communication at any speed! Each air headset will effortlessly connect to a passenger unit, smartphone (for calls and streaming music), GPS or another bike*.

*distance is subject to terrain

Air Features

Discrete IN HELMET design will not affect the look or integrity of your helmet

Extended product life with user replaceable spare parts

Suitable for all climates with a weatherproof sleeve included

Best in class audio with high output speakers giving crystal clear sound quality

Connect to a pillion, smartphone, GPS or another bike*

Connects to Bluetooth MP3 type music devices

Charge time only 2 hours

Operates in standby mode for several days

Voice command technology when using with compatible smartphones

Auto last number redial for phone calls

Intuitive single multifunction button makes the air is simple, safe and effortless to operate

Visit the Autocom Air Range Here Autocom Air Systems