3M Peltor Broadcasting Section Now Added to Site Shop

3M Peltor Broadcasting Section Now Added to Site Shop

Today we launched our Broadcasting section to our shop allowing you to choose units from leading manufacture 3M Peltor offering there full range of Broadcast Headphones and Headsets for Radio and Television production.

When you’re in charge of the sound of a program you better make sure it comes across in the best quality possible. 3M Peltor has the professional equipment you can rely on in any broadcast scenario.

If you want your audience to receive perfect sound you first of all have to make sure you’re broadcasting it. That’s why the quality of monitoring headphones has to be beyond doubt. Also, they should keep outside noise out.

Headset microphones best concentrate on the voice and its intelligibility. On top of that, 3M Peltor headphones are distinguished by intelligent features, intuitive operation, a sturdy design, and high wearing comfort.

3M Peltor offers a broad spectrum of headphones and headsets for radio and TV productions, fit for any working environment and application.

Posted by Earshot Communications