In terms of covering every aspect of a motorcyclist’s communications and music needs Autocom have left no stone unturned, with a range of quality products to enhance your journey and make the most of available technologies.


The Autocom Air Bluetooth Motorbike System utilises both GPS and Bluetooth technology to connect riders with each other. The neat design is integral to the rider’s helmet while still retaining maximum comfort. The Autocom Atom Bluetooth Motorbike System uses similar technology but the communications between up to three individual riders and the music system is controlled via a handlebar remote control.


The Autocom Logic Motorbike System is a small and compact package which offers a lot more than its size suggests. Using a range of connections – Smartphone, GPS or Bluetooth – the Logic provides crystal clear clarity of sound. Meanwhile the Autocom SPA Motorbike System takes all the functionality of the Logic system but also offers a superb quality of output through the speakers, and with an additional aux input socket, two riders can listen to their own music independently while still being connected for communication.

Autocom’s range also includes a GPS Tracker which requires no annual subscription, tracks on demand or using auto streaming and works with a regular SIM card.

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