3M Series

One of our most established manufacturers is 3M, who supply us with a series of reusable respirators and associated accessories. For use in various challenging environments, the range of respirators can also be supplied with accompanying particulate filter cartridges, again to suit the conditions you are encountering, although all respirators are supplied with integral filters.

Respirators and accessories

The 4000 Series Maintenance Free Gas/Vapour and Particulate Respirator balances comfort and ease of use with effectiveness and reliability. For use with a wider variety of gases and vapours the 6000 series by 3M is a market leader and is provided as a Full Face Reusable Respirator or as a Half-Face Reusable Respirator.

At the top of the 3M range is the 7500 Series Half Face Reusable Respirator, which is a premium product utilising lightweight and more pliable materials, and like all the 3M products is fully adjustable and available in different sizes and colours.

Advice should be taken on the precise suitability of respirator to the specific conditions you will be encountering, and this extends to the compatibility of the full range of accessories, such as the 3M 6051 Gas and Vapour Cartridge and the 3M 6099 Gas, Vapour and Particulate Filter.

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