Swatcom Active8 Features

Swatcom Active8 Features

The new SWATCOM Active8 headset was launched earlier this year, a newly developed tactical headset aimed at the discerning user who wants a professional military grade active headset. The headset is designed for use by the Police and the Military but also for professional sports shooters.

The SWATCOM Active 8 headset has two versions the standard overhead version or the neckband version that can also be used under a helmet or headwear. Each version comes in four different colours of black, sand, combat green and camouflage (Multicam).

What makes the Swatcom8 different…

The electronics are really what makes the Swatcom Active8 unique and stand out from other headsets with its ASIC microprocessor which enables the sound to be compressed, removing distortion and enhancing speech frequencies. This produces a headset with superb sound quality that is superior to many other military grade headsets and with its superb performance situational awareness can be constantly maintained.

The Swatcom8 Features…

On picking up the SWATCOM Active8 headset quality is immediately apparent, with the stainless steel band being leather covered and retractable both sides for comfortable fitting. Each cup has two active speakers for active listening and they are IP67 rated. The cups have removable gel seals and pads for easy cleaning and also easy replacement.

The auxiliary connection for a 3.5mm lead is at the back of the left hand cup. The mono end of the lead needs to be connected to the headset and the stereo end into your communication device.

The cup right hand cup contains the battery compartment which requires two AA batteries. The battery cap has a lanyard attached to it so that the cap doesn’t get lost. The SWATCOM Active8 has a substantial battery life of 600 hrs with a low battery warning. The low battery warning activates with an audible beep with 40 hrs battery life remaining, giving you plenty of warning and time to replace the batteries.

Immediately you switch on the headset via the switch on the cup you will notice the active listening is live and you can then adjust the sound up and down with four preset levels.

What’s included …

The Active8 comes with a full user guide,manual, auxillary lead and batteries and a branded SWATCOM bag.

We would recommend the SWATCOM Active8 to any body who requires a military grade active headset, it is a true quality product designed to give many years of active life.

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