BRAND NEW: Autocom Air Bluetooth Motorbike Communication System Now Available

Product Overview

News Autocom Air Bluetooth Motorbike Communication System Sophisticated in its design yet beautifully simply to operate, the new Autocom air headset is sure to impress even the most demanding rider . Unlike other Bluetooth headsets which fix to the side of the helmet, our IN-HELMET design means the look, performance and integrity of your helmet are never compromised. The air retrospectively fits inside any helmet, with nothing visible on the outside.

It’s modular design allows all key components to be user replaceable (microphone, speakers and battery). This in turn gives significantly extended product life and fantastic value for money.

Thanks to Autocom audio© superior noise cancelling, the air offers incredible sound output so you enjoy crystal clear communication at any speed! Each air headset will effortlessly connect to a passenger unit, smartphone (for calls and streaming music), GPS or another bike*.

*distance is subject to terrain

Air Features

Discrete IN HELMET design will not affect the look or integrity of your helmet

Extended product life with user replaceable spare parts

Suitable for all climates with a weatherproof sleeve included

Best in class audio with high output speakers giving crystal clear sound quality

Connect to a pillion, smartphone, GPS or another bike*

Connects to Bluetooth MP3 type music devices

Charge time only 2 hours

Operates in standby mode for several days

Voice command technology when using with compatible smartphones

Auto last number redial for phone calls

Intuitive single multifunction button makes the air is simple, safe and effortless to operate

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