Akabel AK6592A – Wireless Bluetooth Ground Mechanic Headset

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Akabel AK6592A – Wireless Bluetooth Ground Mechanic Headset

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Product description

Akabel AK6592A – Wireless Bluetooth Ground Mechanic Headset

Please note: This unit does require the AK6783 Blueooth Dongle to work.

The A-KABEL Bluetooth Wireless Ground Mechanic Headset (AK6592A) and Wireless Handset combine to allow instant wireless communications between ground mechanic and flight deck. The Ground mechanic has total freedom to walk within a 50 metre radius of the dongle and still communicate with the flight deck. Once the wireless headset and wireless handset have been paired (takes a few seconds) the user simply turns the units on and they automatically connect to each other.

No need to re-pair the Headsets and handset between battery changes or when turning on/off. The A-KABEL Wireless Ground Mechanic headset and handset can use re-chargeable batteries which can be charged without having to remove them from the headset or handset. The intelligent charger can detect if normal alkaline batteries are inserted so they cannot charge them accidentally. The A-KABEL Wireless Ground Mechanic Headset is designed to the highest specification and ensures exceptional voice and audio clarity between the ground crew and Pilot.

Requires A-Kabel Wireless Handset for Ground Mechanic

A-KABEL Wireless headset pairs with the handset and allows communication to flight deck

Instant DUPLEX communication when PTT is pressed

Class I Bluetooth enables up to 50 metres working distance between headset and dongle

Bluetooth Piconet ensures headset and dongle cannot cross talk with other units accidentally

Total wireless communication

On/Off Volume control are positioned on the ear shell for ease of use

High attenuation ear cups ensure excellent hearing protection

Flashing LED indicates headset and dongle are in operation

All metal parts are stainless steel for increased durability

Dongle can be connected to nose wheel safety pin to ensure removal before take-off.

Quick positioning noise cancelling microphone filters out background noise allowing clear speech transmission

Headset and dongle are powered by 2 x AA batteries (re-chargeable batteries can be used)

Headset can be charged via external socket

Comes complete with removable hi-viz headband cover

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Full in house repair facility available for all Sordin and Akabel products.

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