New Swatcom SC37 Microphone Downlead Assembly for Swatcom and Sordin Headsets In Stock Now

Swatcom has released there latest product, the Swatcom SC37, this unit allows all Swatcom Active 8 headsets to be converted in to a communication headset but the fitment of the boom assembly with Downlead, the downlead has a Nexus Nato J11 TP120 Jack Plug which allows quick and easy connection into a suitable PTT switch, Earshot Communications offers a large range of PTT adaptors to suit all applications of hand held radios and other suitable equipment so please contact us with your requirements.

Available to buy here click this link: SWATCOM SC37

The added benefit of the SC37 is that the unit will also fit the Sordin Supreme Pro X range further expanding the application possibilities for this range of headsets.

*Please note: if you Sordin headset has the built in light this assembly will cover this feature meaning you will not have the build in light on the Sordin headset.

The assembly is easy to fit and takes less then a couple of minutes to connect to the headset, no extra tools are required and can quickly and easily be added and removed.

The assembly must be fitted and mounted to the earshell that has the 3.5mm jack socket as the cable assembly plugs into the socket on the headset to give you communications through the headphones built in speakers.


  • Noise-cancelling water resistant electret microphone
  • Fitted with NATO TP-120 MIL-Spec connector
  • Audio connection via 3.5mm stereo connector
  • 1 year Warranty
  • CE approved

Sordin Supreme Pro Shooting Headsets Range of Tactical Eardefenders

As we move into 2020 now is the time to start to think about buying or upgrading your tactical active headset and the Sordin Supreme range maybe catching your eye.

Earshot Communications carries a large stock of the Sordin Supreme tactical active eardefenders in a range of colours from Green, Black, Sand and the Blaze orange colour.

The Sordin Supreme range starts form from the basic Sordin Supreme IV 75301 unit with Green or Black Earshells, Cloth Headband and Foam Earpads with upto 150 hours of battery life. (Gel Earpads can be added at an extra cost)

Next step up is the Sordin Supreme IV 75302 which comes in Green or Black Earshells, Cloth or Leather Headband and Foam Earpads but with upto 300 hours battery life

The Sordin Supreme IV 75302-G adds Gel Earpads to the above.

Then the next step up is the Sordin Supreme Pro X range, this adds to the already high specification of the Sordin Supreme IV by adding a 5 year warranty against water damage to the electronics due to the amplifier boards being coated with waterproof protection.

The Sordin Supreme Pro X range comes in a range of colour Green, Black, Sand and the Blaze Orange as well as a choice of Cloth or Leather Headband and a choice of Foam or Gel Earpads.

The Gel earpads offer a higher level of comfort over the Foam earpads and if you happen to use the eardefenders for long periods or wear any form of glasses the Gel earpads will increase your comfort levels.

Visit our shop for great prices on all the Sordin Supreme Shooting and Hunting Tactical Active Ear defenders.